Word Play

Bumblefunk has had the good fortune to work with a number of wonderful clients over the years. From rising stars in the hip-hop world like Izzy Dunfore to world class engineers like Chad Jacobsen, we endeavor to find the best of the best to create great indie music!

Recent clients include:

  • Izzy Dunfore (Only I)
  • Joy (Black Notebook)
  • LiL BB (aka - Baby Boy; New Lexicon,Dream Wit Me)
  • Keno (TwoZeroSeven, The Sky Is Alive In This Cold City)
  • The Chess Club (The Chess Club)
  • Tripp Marxx (hip-hop demo)
  • Eric Henderson (Word Play, Simple City)
  • Scalpshifter (Science and Pussy)
  • Ann Whitaker (country demo)
  • Bayer (advertising)
  • Griffle Games (sounds)
  • Griffle Studios (live audio/video)
  • Chad Jacobsen (Cheshire Omnimedia)