Word Play

Eric and BumbleFunk have been working for over twenty years on developing the ideal indie studio. The main room is cozy, but designed with physical comfort and excellent acoustics in mind. Three 20A breakers service the room with clean power for full ensembles and all the amps they can muster. Non-parallel, partially dampened surfaces and a bamboo floor create the best live space possible with a specially-floored drum alcove for added sweetener. The live/drum room feature 12 AES/EBU channels and 4 TRS channels, a fully acoustically absorbent iso room contains 8 AES/EBU and 4TRS channels. And additional 8 AES/EBU channels wired with the best Mogami cable available have been installed for the highest fidelity recording. The floating, fully mechanically isolated control room is designed in the "dead (front)-live (rear)" configuration, again with non-parallel surfaces, a custom ceiling treatment, bamboo flooring, and a custom designed HVAC system for extraordinarily quiet operation. All vertical surfaces are double walled, each wall double layered, for supreme sound isolation. Three 20A breakers services the control room. An office adjoining the live and control rooms serves as a meeting room and workshop ,as well as a sound lock and isolation space for the ProTool HD2 system and Macintosh G5 main computer. Additional facilities include a large deck. large yard, kitchen, living space, and bathroom facilities.

Gear includes

  • ProTools v.8 HD2-Machintosh G5
  • Control | 24
  • Shure (57/58), Neumann (M149), Senheiser, AKG C451B, AT 4047
  • Lexicon, Focusrite, Avalon, TC-Helicon, Alesis, Macki, JBL, TS Audio
  • Line 6, T.C. Electronic, Roland, Furman, Art
  • Fender, Peavy, Epiphone, Hartke, MusicMan
  • Radial, Summit Audio, Monster, MosValve
  • Cutsom guitars and amplifiers

The only thing missing is YOU!